Monday, April 23, 2018

Hand on my skeleton

One hand on my own
chest, just so I know
it & me are still here,
whether or not
I can feel
the body’s heart beat

Actualizing the true beat

How is
anyone able to be themselves
all this unrelenting pressure
& foggy view to get thru
the bullshit
it takes
to walk solid & fly steady

on the same note

Is it luck or just a best estimation?

How many patterns of logic
will fit in your skull,
like guess how many jelly beans
are in the bowl

Friday, April 20, 2018

Best latte I ever had

The baker was a pro
& it wasn’t just because
she made the best

outside of
the old Ottoman Empire

she had been
an amazing barista too
& one day she displayed
her skill by making

we were a happy crew
until she insisted
on washing the dishes
that were used

a shot glass had a crack
that sliced open
her hand
& panic ensued

she was bandaged up

& over that
blood soaked rag
it was still
the best
latte I ever had 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Still don't have a title for this poem

As a teen
I could make
a bully weep
in less than

these days
it’s possible
all the same

the last thing
I want to see is
some fool
breaking tears
at my feet

due to being
w/ the reality
ignorance is
a crucial vice
to have
to grow past
in life

After all this time

Don’t even bother
to subtract pain, just
shuffle a bit of shabby
my way, since
the pain will remain
either way