Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ego soup, w/ a side of I tried

The boss said she
cabbage & blue cheese
soup, so I should
make it for dish of the week,
but I refused

since I knew the customers
better, I said:
‘it’s a waste of supplies’

what I thought
didn’t matter tho
& the night manager
would sway to her say

I found it growing fur
faster than any dish we made,
where it had been shoved
behind the line
of what
we did use

‘what the fuck is this trash’

heads turned from my crew
only to back away, since
upon opening, the soup
was so rancid
one of them puked
the other cried

the boss tried to apologize
but it was far too late,
as I was the only one
w/ the guts
to get
such a stench away
from the fragile
they attempted to
each day

(still working out kinks in my rhyme)

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